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SHL Inductive Reasoning Test | Graduate Level (R-4)


£26.00 (Ex. Tax)

The SHL Inductive Reasoning Test measures an individual’s ability to draw inferences and understand the relationship between concepts.  It does not require candidates to use knowledge they gained previously . Using the latest online technology, it measures critical reasoning skills and the ability to quickly comprehend/evaluate abstract information. It provides a quick and effective online tool with easy to interpret results.  Therefore it is a help when making recruitment decisions.

This psychometric test is particularly useful for graduate-level roles where more abstract thinking is key.  Also, it allows an objective measure when verbal information is problematical e.g. if the individual does not have English as a first language.  If required, the test can be upgraded from a general population comparison group.  Choose from the most appropriate industry sector (Finance & Banking, Hotel & Leisure, Science & Technology or Public Sector). 

Typically lasting only 15-20 minutes, this short, flexible online test comes from a large question bank.  As a result, no two individuals will experience the same set of questions. Therefore, the security and reliability of the test results is maintained. 

When combined with other tests from the range e.g. numerical or verbal reasoning, this test gives a good insight into the individual's critical reasoning ability.

Available in a wide range of languages.  Contact us for further information or speak to one of our consultants on 01285 861734 to discuss the options available.

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