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SHL Spatial Ability Test | Operator & Technical Roles (R- 7)


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The SHL Spatial Ability Test is designed to measure the candidate's ability to visually rotate shapes in space.  This test would be particularly useful when recruiting fork-lift truck drivers or warehouse operatives who need to make the best use of the space available.

The Spatial Ability test measures the ability to perceive and transform visual shapes, forms, or images. It will also give a measure of the candidates' the ability to maintain spatial orientation with regards to objects that may change or move through space. This ability is key in engineering roles where manipulating computer images to rotate in 3D is common.

Various comparison groups available therefore the test can be used for a wide range of operator and technical roles.


  • A quick, efficient and accurate assessment of a key skill
  • Provides clear results which are easy to interpret

This test can be combined with verbal and numerical reasoning tests or data entry tests.  Contact us on 01285 861734 to discuss the best options for your recruitment campaign.

2. SHL
Job Level:
Technical Staff

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