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Staff Communication Exercise | Secretarial Level (R-5)


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The Staff Communication Exercise from Quest Partnership Ltd assesses secretaries and Personal Assistants on their ability to read, understand and pass on information.  This 50-minute exercise asks candidates to read through documentation and prepare a staff bulletin within MS Word outlining the key points from the information.

The exercise assesses the candidate's ability to pick out the important issues and communicate them effectively and succinctly within a limited timescale.  Key competences assessed include:

  • Quality of Writing
  • Interpretation of information
  • Accuracy & Detail
  • Time management

It is recommended that the exercise should be taken under supervised conditions in order to control timings.  Candidate responses are returned to Quest Partnership for marking and preparation of the report.

Other complimentary exercises include the PA-Secretarial Exercise and verbal reasoning test.  Contact us on 01285 861734 to discuss the best options for your recruitment process.

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