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Call Centre Data Entry Test | Sales Role (R-6)


£28.00 (Ex. Tax)

The Call Centre Data Entry test assesses the primary skills required for sales, customer service and call-centre applicants. Candidates need to listen to name, address and other customer and account information. They must then key in this data accurately to the relevant fields on the screen.

Choose from information typical of in the retail, insurance, travel or financial sectors. The test uses some regional accents and candidates can select individual items to be spelled out loud.   Headphones or speakers are required.

Benefits of the Call Centre Data Entry Test:

  • Quickly assess a candidate's basic keyboard and data entry skills
  • Allows you to compare candidates with high accuracy under controlled conditions
  • Excellent screening tool.

Other complimentary tests such as Copy Typing are available. Call us on 01285 861734 to discuss the best option for your needs.  

Job Level:
Sales & Customer Service
Test User Distance Learning Student & Tutor Video Call