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Chartered Accountant Test | Professional Level (R-2)


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The Chartered Accountant test from Accountest assesses accounting knowledge and skills for roles in Public Practice Chartered Accounting firms.  It is also useful for generalist roles in industry or commerce.  The test is especially helpful for shortlisting when recruiting roles such as Company Accountant or Financial Controller, which require knowledge across all areas of accounting.

The Chartered Accountant test is based on the United Kingdom tax system, with annually updated questions to reflect current taxation rates and financial reporting requirements.  Other versions of the test are available for Australia & New Zealand and reflect  each country's specific tax regime.

Lasting 30 minutes the test covers key areas at basic, intermediate and advanced levels:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Taxation
  • Accounting
  • Management Accounting & Business Analysis

Recruiting managers will gain insight into a candidate's skills and knowledge in each of these four activities and identify performance in the activities most relevant to the role, as well as a comparative overall score and performance against a comparison group of other qualified accountants.  The report also provides a rating for the individual questions, allowing recruiters to identify particular areas of strength or weakness.

Alternative tests suitable for this business area are available, for example Basic Double Entry Accounting.  Contact us for further information or speak to one of our consultants on 01285 861734 to discuss the options available.

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