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Microsoft Office Excel | Technical level (R7)


£28.00 (Ex. Tax)

Microsoft Office Excel is part of the most popular suite of desktop programs in the the world. It is used both at home and in the office.  Spreadsheets are an important tool in business, manipulating data to assist companies in understanding technical and financial information.

Excel allows users to perform a range of actions, from basic additions such as totalling the number of components used each month, to more complex actions including pivot tables and conditional formatting.  Therefore, Excel is a versatile tool that most technical staff with need to use at some stage in their work.

Microsoft Office Excel are available as four separate tests measuring key areas:

  1. General Understanding
  2. Formatting and Reviewing
  3. Formulae and Functions
  4. Working with Data

Lasting only 15 minutes, these online tests are ideally used in conjunction with other MS Office tests such as Word .  Candidates completing more than one of these tests are charged at a reduced rate of £15 + VAT per additional test.

Reports provide a short, graphical representation of candidate performance.  It highlights areas where the individual has demonstrated a good understanding and where there is room for improvement.

For further information on how to use tests in the most effective and efficient way, contact us on 01285 861734 to discuss the options available.

Microsoft Office
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Technical Staff
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