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SHL Mechanical Comprehension Test | Supervisory Level (R-3)


£26.00 (Ex. Tax)

SHL Mechanical Comprehension Test measures the candidate's understanding of basic mechanical principles and their application to devices such as pulleys, gears and levers.

This test is available for comparison against a population of Skilled Technical candidates and is ideal for assessing Supervisory level candidates.


  • Quickly and accurately assesses mechanical reasoning skills
  • Effective screening of candidates
  • Questions are relevant for technical roles
  • Questions cover a range of mechanical and engineering areas
  • Provides clear results which are easy to interpret
  • Well researched test that is proven to be effective at predicting job performance

Why not gain further insight by combining this test with a verbal or numerical reasoning test? Call us on 01285 861734 to discuss the best options for your recruitment.


2. SHL
Job Level:
Junior Manager / Supervisor