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SHL Scenarios Test | Graduate Level (R-4)


£80.00 (Ex. Tax)

The SHL Scenarios Test at Graduate Level measures a candidate’s ability to make judgements and deal effectively with a range of managerial situations.  This test supports the recruitment of graduates and the assessment of undergraduates.

It comprises 16 business-relevant situations (or scenarios). For each situation candidates rate a series of different ways to respond to the scenario, according to its effectiveness or ineffectiveness.  Candidates are compared against a large group of graduates.

 The Graduate Report provides a profile of results i.e. the overall managerial judgement score, plus three sub-test scores.

  1. Managing Objectives
  2. People Management
  3. Corporate Management

Furthermore, the report also includes general development advice for each of the scales, thereby offering powerful specific feedback and development tips based on the individual’s responses. 

This powerful situational judgement test is highly predictive of management potential and measures key areas of management effectiveness.  Further insight may be gained by the addition of a verbal or numerical reasoning test.

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Key competences addressed:

  • Consultation
  • Motivation
  • Organisation
  • People management
  • Prioritisation


  • A powerful recruitment tool
  • Measures management potential
  • Measures key areas of management effectiveness 
  • Highly predictive of success in management jobs
  • Business-relevant, real life situations
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assessment centre