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SQL (ANSI) Test | Professional level (R2)


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SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is how we can communicate with a database to store, edit and extract information.  SQL only works with Relational Databases ie those that use a tabular format.  In 1986 the American National Standards published a version of the SQL language to bring some conformity to the different versions available.  However, it has been updated over the years and adopted to meet ISO international standards.

This test from SHL measures knowledge of database SQL (ANSI) and is designed for experienced users.  Using multiple-choice questions, it lasts approximately 40 minutes and covers the following topics:

  • Aggregates and Sets
  • Data Modification
  • DDL (Data Definition Language) and DCL (Data Control Language)
  • Multi-table Queries
  • Queries
  • Subqueries
  • Complex Queries
  • SQL / PSM
  • Transaction control
  • Tuning and Debugging

Reports provide a percentile score of candidate performance.  It highlights areas where the individual has demonstrated a good understanding and where there is room for improvement.

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