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Talent Acquisition & Assessment Workshop


£900.00 (Ex. Tax)

How can Psychometrics help you Recognise Talent and Improve Performance? Join our Talent Acquisition & Assessment Workshop. Our Business Psychologists will introduce you to our Psychometric Solutions for Employee Selection & Recruitment.

Quickly and efficiently screen candidates, measure the skills, personality, and the abilities necessary for success.  Therefore, identify better performers and make the right hiring decisions. We will show you how to identify candidates who possess the characteristics you require for success. With this information we can guide you to the best tools available to develop effective leaders and allow you to help individuals achieve their unique potential.   As a result, employers will be able to identify the individuals who can take advantage of opportunities and navigate change.  These are the people that you need within your organisation.

  • Recruitment Selection Tests for pre-employment screening give you ability, aptitude and personality insights to help you identify the best candidates.
  • Talent Development Assessments empower your employees to be the best they can be.

Our training workshops are open to all Talent Acquisition Managers, Recruiting Professionals and other HR practitioners who desire to propel their business forward by improving candidate quality, speed to hire, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Talent Acquisition & Assessment Workshop

Please Note: Price quoted is for a maximum of 6 delegates, hosted in-house. Trainer Transport costs will be in addition.

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Talent Acquisition & Assessment Workshop