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Test User: Personality | TUP course


£900.00 (Ex. Tax)

The Test User: Personality course covers all competencies and standards laid down by the British Psychological Society (BPS).   

This online interactive learning qualification is for those wishing to register as Occupational Test Users, TUP.  Previously known as the (BPS) Occupational Testing, Level B Intermediate.

This course is for those who have already attained BPS Test User: Ability (Occupational Testing, Level A). It will benefit those who need to use and understand personality questionnaires to assist with their work in recruitment, selection, staff development, training, coaching and counselling.

Modules / Topics Covered:-

  • Personality, Assessment of & Influences on personality
  • The basic principles of scaling & standardisation
  • Relating assessment to job requirements
  • How to administer, score & interpret personal data
  • Validity and Reliability
  • Making appropriate use and interpretation of test results
  • Providing oral and written feedback
  • Demonstrating professional Best Practice and compliance to employment legislation

This distance learning course includes:

  • Module-based remote learning,
  • Webinar sessions and information videos,
  • 1-1 Assessment Practice Sessions,
  • Coaching and individual support.

Test User Personality Tool:

Identity® Occupational Personality Test, Accredited by the BPS written by the globally recognised Psychometric Test Author Max Choi, Co-author of the BPS Assessment Centre Standard.

Our tutors are Consultant Psychologists who are available throughout your training via telephone, webcam and email.  The course provides interactive exercises, workbook assessments with feedback to embed skills and learning. Course delivery via interactive training platform Quest Solutions.

Quest Partnership Ltd's Test User: Personality Course is registered with the BPS. A Certificate of Attainment is included in the course price.



To enrol on this course the individual must already have completed Module 1: Assistant Test User and Module 2: Test User Ability


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