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OPQ Recommended Recruitment Package | Executive Level

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Recruitment Tests
opq recommended recruitment package executive level SHL Executive Scenarios

This SHL OPQ Recommended Recruitment Package is designed for VP's, Senior Management, Executives and Directors in any area of business. It is composed of leading ability tests and psychometric assessments. 

Recruitment testing can be challenging to get right when there are so many selection tests available.  Therefore, we save you time and money by providing you with a carefully chosen suite of assessments.  The tests within this OPQ recommended recruitment package at Executive level are a good predictor of performance. As a result, we can help you get your executive management recruitment right – selection testing has never been so neat, simple, and effective!

The SHL OPQ32 questionnaire is the most popular and well researched personality test on the market. This report is an ideal interview aid for Senior Managers and Staff. It is clear that performance is not simply down to ability, intellect, and technical knowledge.  Most importantly, assessing personality is vital, as attitudes and motivations are also key to shaping future success.  Therefore, this interview report is an ideal interview aid to ensure you select the best candidate and avoid costly mistakes. 

SHL Executive Scenarios Test - The Executive Level Report provides a profile of results i.e. the overall managerial judgement score, three sub-test scores (Managing Objectives. People Management, and Corporate Management), and six elements. It also includes general development advice for each of the scales, powerful specific feedback and development tips based on the individual’s responses. Individuals can be compared against either a composite group of senior managers, or a group of high potential senior managers and directors.

This powerful Situational Judgement Test (SJT) is highly predictive of senior management success and measures key areas of management effectiveness. They are built around realistic challenging scenarios to assess how an individual would react in a real-world management situation that they could encounter in the job they are applying for. The results from this test can be used to support selection, development, training, performance management and coaching.

SHL Verbal Reasoning Test - During this critical reasoning test, the candidate has to decide whether a statement made in connection with information given earlier, is true or untrue, or whether there is insufficient information to make a judgement. The test measures the candidate's ability to quickly understand and evaluate written business information.

SHL Numerical Reasoning Test - During this critical reasoning test, The candidate will be required to interpret numerical data presented in tables and graphs, and answer questions relating to that data. Allowing the candidate to demonstrate their ability to interpret and manipulate business-related numerical data.

Suitable candidates need to have a good skill at assimilating business data. These pre-employment hiring tests will give you the evidence for further probing during interview.

Benefits of this Recommended Recruitment Package Executive Level:

  • All in one solution – the perfect way of assessing executives, directors and senior managers.
  • Support the interview with un-biased assessments using aptitude tests and personality questionnaires.
  • Reduce the risk of getting senior level recruitment wrong.
  • Selection tests that achieve efficiency and effectiveness in one cost-effective solution.
  • Objective and research-based senior management tests.

Quest Partnership’s Director and Founder Max Choi is the author of the very first and market-leading management Situational Judgement Test - SHL Executive Scenarios. This suite of tests also includes a Graduate Scenarios Test and a Management Scenarios Test.

What's Covered

SHL Executive Scenarios Test – Scenarios is a test of managerial judgement.  This test measures an individual’s ability to weigh up real life, senior management situations. There are four key areas it measures:

  1. Managerial Judgement
  2. Managing Objectives,
  3. People Management, and
  4. Corporate Management.

Elements include:

  • Leading and Managing the Work
  • Using External Help
  • One-to-One
  • Workforce
  • Organisational Support
  • Commercial Support

OPQ Personality Interview Report 

At senior level an individual’s personality shapes their competence at work. Therefore, this is a competence-based Interview Report i.e. it provides areas to probe and also provides relevant interview questions.  As this report is not suitable to be passed to candidates, you are also provided with a complimentary Candidate Feedback Report which can be provided to candidates after selection decisions have been made so that they receive useful feedback. 

SHL Verify Verbal Reasoning Test – This test measures critical reasoning skills.  The test measures the candidate’s ability to quickly understand and evaluate written business information.

SHL Verify Numerical Reasoning Test – This test measures numerical reasoning skills. The candidate will demonstrate their ability to interpret and manipulate business-related numerical data.

What's Included

  • Assessments:
    • SHL Executive Scenarios Test
    • OPQ Personality Test
    • SHL Verify Verbal Critical Reasoning Test
    • SHL Verify Numerical Critical Reasoning Test
  • Reports:
    • SHL Executive Scenarios Report
    • OPQ Interview Report
      • Plus Candidate Feedback Report
    • Verbal Reasoning Report
    • Numerical Reasoning Report
  • Online Questionnaire for Remote Testing
  • Reports are quickly available after completion
  • Available in a choice of languages
  • Sample Reports Available
  • Support from Quest Solutions Test Team


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  • We will send invitations direct to your candidates for them to complete your chosen tasks by the project deadline. Once completed we will generate your reports and email them direct to you or as per your confirmed instructions.

You can check the status of your order at any time from your account area.

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  • Why Quest Partnership?

    Quest Partnership Ltd has been providing psychometric assessments to industry for over 30 years. We offer independent advice on a wide range of assessments. In addition, we provide full support in administering and delivering tests and personality questionnaires to individual candidates / participants.

    Our consultants are experts in their field with a track record of delivering innovative assessments. We are also active members of our industry body, the British Psychological Society (BPS). Our involvement in BPS steering groups has helped to raise standards and promote best practise in the use of psychometrics.

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