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Assessment Centre Standards UK Protect Both Candidates & Employers

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Assessment Centres (AC’s) are widely used by organisations for the selection and development of staff. However, research conducted by occupational psychologists found that 85% of assessors did not have sufficient time to evaluate and score candidates effectively – leading to flawed selection decisions.

Most worryingly it also highlighted that most Assessors and Observers felt that they did not have the key skill requirements to deliver a fair result for either their employer or the candidates participating!


Observe Candidates Performance

Assessment Centres have resource intensive assessment procedures. They typically include the assessment of a group of candidates or employees by observation of their performance on a number of different exercises, including those where they interact with each other.

Current AC's are not always getting it right

While the evidence shows that AC’s can be very effective, poor practice and pressure on costs and resources can undermine this.  Where the process is flawed, even the most well-resourced assessment centres can result in poor decisions.  This means that organisations do not select the people they need, reducing their potential performance and individuals may not be offered the jobs they are suited to.

Therefore, this has led to the need to develop a set of Assessment Centre Standards

The standard was developed by a group of experts to support best practice and enable organisations to run more effective centres.  The working group used an evidence based approach in its development to ensure that the standard embeds the latest research findings.  For example recent research shows that subjective discussions among assessors does introduce error into the decision making.

The new standards can help both those running centres to improve their practice and those commissioning centres to select effective service providers. Most importantly the standard will increase the likelihood that participants in centres have a positive experience and that they are assessed fairly and effectively with due concern for their rights and well-being.

Assessor Skills Online Training

Appreciating what makes an AC effective

The Assessor role and other roles within an AC

Effective assessment of AC exercises

How to effectively observe, record, classify, evaluate and feedback

Equality and diversity

From Exercise Design through to Full Delivery Consultancy we will help you put the best people in the right roles, and minimise the risk of a wrong hire. Using proven, objective measures we provide expert support for all stages of assessment. From carrying out Job Analysis, Designing Bespoke Exercises and Training Assessors, to Delivering Assessment Centres and Evaluating their effectiveness we cover all aspects of the Assessment Process.

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