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Research study: COVID-related Anxiety Factors On Return to Shared Workplace

Elaine Lee

After over 30 years in strategy, change and communications, I am now mid-way through an MSc in Psychology. I will be writing a dissertation on COVID-related anxiety on return to a shared workplace, for those who have been working remotely for a prolonged period since March last year. 

Research Study

We live in a world where each day we are reminded that whatever own successes, we all have the power to transform someone’s day by taking a few minutes to say thanks, congratulations or even just check in with a former colleague.

So today, I am hoping you will consider completing my MSc (Psychology) dissertation survey which explores COVID-related anxiety for those currently working remotely in the UK but expecting to be invited back to a shared workspace within the next 12 months. It takes just 7-8 minutes to complete, and the link works on mobile phones as well as PC/Mac, but not tablets/iPads. All responses are anonymised.

On behalf of anyone currently studying remotely at any level, retraining at any stage of their career, thanks for your support.

To take part you should:

  • prior to March 2020, be working all or part of the time in a shared workplace, e.g., open plan office;
  • since the start of the COVID pandemic be working remotely,
  • expect to be invited to return to a shared workspace for at least part of the time at some point over the next 12 months.

The survey should take around 6-7 minutes to complete, based on feedback so far. There are rather a lot of compulsory briefing notes which must be included for ethics purposes, but the actual survey questions are very quick to complete. All responses will be anonymised.

As well as the general survey, I can provide a link specifically for your organisation, subject to a minimum number of responses to preserve anonymity. Let me know if this is of interest.

Please respond by 21st June – thank you for helping with my research study.



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