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Task-Based Personality Assessments - Alternative to Personality Questionnaires?

Task-Based Personality Assessments | Self-report personality questionnaires are the traditional and current accepted means of assessing personality. Mosaic presents an alternative to personality questionnaires: personality tasks – with the changing nature of work, traditional ways of assessment need to change. Questionnaires suffer from distortion such as social desirability responding and errors due to poor self awareness. The alternative approach – Objective Personality Tasks or OPT’s – directly assess personality through task performance.

Task-Based Personality Assessments

Presenting at the DOP Conference 2019 This years DOP conference was a fantastic event for Max, Alan & Johnny to introduce Mosaic which is due to be launched later this year. The team which also includes TK Wu (Consultant Psychologist Quest Partnership Ltd) are currently doing a number of global presentations including; London, Chester, Singapore, Hong Kong & China.

Task-Based Personality Assessments

We call them Objective Personality Tasks (OPTs) they are suitable for all levels of seniority and age, they are robust and evidence based.

Personality Tasks: direct measurement of personality in action.

Task-Based Personality Assessments - Free copy of the Conference Presentation available below
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