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Research Exchange Offer: Free In-depth Developmental Personality Report

Mosaic Tasks Research ~ Personality Assessment

We need your kind support.

Our team of Psychologists have been developing a new and exciting method of assessing personality through online tasks and activities. As you are probably aware, the current approach to assessing personality is through self-report questionnaires. That can be useful. But when you go to an optician, they do not simply ask you “How good is your eyesight?”. They also conduct a thorough and accurate assessment. So why should our approach to assessing personality be any different?

Personality Assessment Through Tasks

  • Mosaic uses gamification principles in non-games contexts
  • Many behavioural measures are taken
  • The approach eliminates faking and does not rely on an individual having good self-insight
  • Short reports are available to support recruitment and selection, and longer reports for development purposes

We Need Your Help To Collect Some More Research Data On Our Beta Product.

Beta products are slightly longer than final products – but don’t worry – each task does not take long to do.  The tasks are all very different.  Different people will possibly enjoy different tasks as everyone is different, but hopefully you will find them all very interesting. You will probably be wondering how we assess personality from them. Well, it is based on over 100 years’ worth of previous research as well as a lot of our own research.


Therefore, this is an opportunity for you to support us by:

  • Being involved in exciting ground-breaking research
  • Being one of the first to try out this new approach
  • Receiving a Developmental Personality Report – which we believe you will find interesting and useful 

A Sample Report Is Available

The Objective Personality Tasks ~ What Will The Research Involve?

  • Completion of 8 Mosaic Tasks – roughly 12 minutes per task which can be completed at your leisure over several sessions
  • Completion of a personality questionnaire (NEO) – 30 minutes (this is to validate our new task measures against an established proven personality tool)
  • A family member or friend that knows you well to complete a questionnaire – 10 minutes (this is to validate our new tasks against another personality input)
Mosaic Research

You Can Participate In The Research

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Your Help Is Greatly Appreciated

Thank you


We will report our research findings on our website in due course.