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Identity Personality Questionnaire

One Personality Questionnaire | Five Occupational Reports – These can be created immediately per respondent, providing you with key information for the whole employee life-cycle.

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Supporting The Interview


The ‘identity’ Interview Report will help you achieve an effective interview. It will provide you with a rich insight into your candidate’s preferred ways of working and enable you to plan questions before even meeting them. Interviewing is always an important stage of your recruitment process. It sometimes is the only selection process – therefore the Interview Report will help you get this right. 

The Interview Report is based around the 8 most useful areas or competences that are relevant for important roles, it provides a consistent and effective interviewing structure for you to follow. For the job you are interviewing for, you may have your own specific competences but there should be many similarities, so you can match up the similar competences and use as appropriate.  

NOTE: The questionnaire measures personality and preferences. 
Personality scales use a 1 to 10 rating scale, so 1 = Extremely Low, and 10 = Extremely High. But we know that personality matched to the fit for the role determines competence (as explained earlier with the checking skills).

What’s included in the Interview Report and how to use it?

A Sample Interview Report is available for download below. I will now take you through the sections within the report.

[Identity – Interview Report]

The Quick-Look Summary

This displays the competences and will highlight any competences that require further probing. It provides the page number so that you can quickly access that page for more information. Note that as personality questionnaire information is self-report information, you should NOT make selection decisions solely based on this information. Therefore, this report is structured to help interviewers to probe specific areas to gain useful evidence.

Response Style Interpretation

With any self-perception measure the personality information is derived from a self-report questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to discourage faking and any clear attempts at distorting responses to produce a more favourable report will be identified.  

However, inaccuracies may not be due to direct attempts at massaging the responses, as very often it is an aspect of their personality! For example, they may be too self-critical. Inaccuracies are detected through the four Style Scales. Other questionnaires will only use one scale, the Social Desirability scale to identify inaccurate responses.


There are eight competences that appear on separate pages. They are derived from leading edge research on competences
therefore, these competences typically map onto most organisation’s competencies reasonably well. 

Here is a page on a competence ‘Organisation’ for further Probing providing their scores, an interpretation of the relevant scales and possible probing questions for use during the interview.


Identity Organisation Competency

  • At the top right hand corner it flags up as a competence needing probing – so this is an important page to focus on for your interview.
  • The top of the page shows the profile for the competence which comprises 4 personality scales. The numbers are Sten scores i.e. a scale from 1 – 10. Note that the scale is normally distributed. That means many more people score in the middle of the scale around 4 – 7, and very few people will score at the extremes i.e. at 1 and 10.
  • Interpretation of relevant scales: this provides a narrative on the 4 scales related to the competence.
  • Possible Probing Questions: Probing questions are provided for each of the personality scales. Relevant probing questions for the candidate will appear in bold. These questions should be used or adapted for your candidate. Try to seek evidence of actual behaviour i.e. what they actually did, as past behaviours is one of the best predictors of future behaviours.

As you get familiar with the reports, you should become more adept at quickly interpreting the profiles and accessing the bolded interview questions quickly.  With the continued requirement for many more interviews to be conducted virtually the Identity Occupational Personality Reports are a major tool helping to support your decision making.
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Candidate Feedback

Identity Feedback Report


We also support you in offering useful feedback to candidates after decisions have been made. Therefore, a complimentary Candidate Feedback Report is provided with the Interview Report.

This Candidate Feedback Report can be emailed to the candidate after the selection has been concluded. Looking after candidates well is important, and we feel that candidates should be entitled to receive some useful feedback. Therefore, providing the report is a neat way of achieving this objective effectively and may support the individual with on-going development.


There is no additional cost, and looking after candidates well will enhance your organisation’s reputation as a good employer.


Find out more about the Identity Personality Questionnaire and the 5 occupational reports available for supporting Human Resources and Talent Development Professionals.
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