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Verify G+ Performance-Based Assessment | What Is It & How Can It Help HR?

Verify G+ General Ability Test is part of the Verify suite of Cognitive Ability Tests from SHL.

Verify G+

Measuring Cognitive Abilities – The g factor (psychometrics) also known as the General Intelligence Factor

What does the Verify G+ Measure?

The test measures three types of mental ability:

  1. Numerical ability,
  2. Deductive Reasoning and
  3. Inductive Reasoning.

Based on the latest advances in psychometrics, Verify G+ uses the strong relationship between these three types of mental ability to provide a measure of General Ability.

Verify G+ measures candidates’ problem-solving and critical reasoning capabilities effectively and efficiently, in less time than taking individual ability tests.

How does the Verify G+ Test Work?

There are 30 questions in the test which lasts 36 minutes, with 10 questions for each of the three abilities measured.

The test uses the latest advances in computer adaptive testing to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the assessment. It measures three areas in the time it would usually take to measure two.

Producing individual test score results and a score for G.

Due to its adaptive nature, the Verify G+ test is appropriate for all job levels and roles and is available with 3 comparison groups:

  1. General Population,
  2. Manager/Professional and
  3. Graduate.


Examples of the tasks faced by candidates include, but are not limited to:

  • evaluating arguments
  • analysing scenarios
  • working with data
  • mathematical computation
  • interpreting graphs and tables
  • drawing logical conclusions

How does it help HR?

Verify G+ Performance-Based Assessment – These psychometric tests reflect real-world-work challenges.

Verify G+ Ability Test Report presents the candidate’s results in 4 areas:

  1. General Ability (or G+) This is a measure of the individual’s overall cognitive ability i.e. their general level of ability related to reasoning, problem solving, planning, abstract thinking, complex idea comprehension, and learning from experience.


The rest of the report is broken down to give a measure of the three separate ability tests:

  1. Inductive Reasoning – the ability to think conceptually in order to solve problems from first principles.
  2. Numerical Ability – the ability to understand and interpret numerical data and mathematical information.
  3. Deductive Reasoning – the ability to draw logical conclusions, identify the strengths and weaknesses of arguments and make well-reasoned decisions.


Available in a wide range of languages and job levels, the Verify G+ General Ability test provides invaluable information to support your interview, (click here: 7 great interview tips for the interviewer) especially when combined with a personality questionnaire.

Verify G+ Performance-Based Assessment predict performance for your Graduate, Professional, and Managerial hires.