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Which Personality Questionnaire Should I Use and How Do I Use It Within My Organisation?

We are often asked this question. I guess the answer really depends on what the person wants to achieve. But another way of answering this question is to provide a personality solution that provides reports to meet most people’s range of needs. So this is what I will do.  Over the next few weeks I will provide you with an article that covers different uses for personality assessment. This week we will start with an introduction to the Identity Personality Questionnaire, we will then cover each report individually in more detail.

First why should we be interested in personality and what is Identity?

To understand performance at work it is not just about people’s experience, and ability or skill level that is important. Their personality or how they behave, and their behavioural preferences also has a big bearing on their sustained performance.

Workplace Behavioural Preferences

The best way to understand this very simply is that you can test people on certain skills e.g., you can give me a Checking Test – and guess what, I will do very well on this test as it is very short, and I can be focused for a short time and do well on this test. But if you put me into a job that requires me to deal with detailed meticulous checking all day, I will be hopeless, and I will not enjoy it! So, although I might have some underlying skills to perform this task, I do not have the right personality for this type of work. Whereas, others may not only be good at it, but they actually enjoy this type of work.

Therefore, understanding an individual’s personality is vital – if we are going to get the best from them and to look after them well!

Identity Personality Questionnaire 

Identity® Personality Questionnaire

‘identity’ was developed as a user-friendly questionnaire that comprehensively outlines a person’s unique behaviours, preferences, motivations and feelings – their identity.  ‘identity’ has been developed for the world of work, utilising rigorous psychometric methods to ensure that it is both a reliable and valid tool for use in many areas of business and personal development.

‘identity’ a personality questionnaire designed to measure important individual differences that affect the way people behave at work.  To a large extent, ‘identity’ measures what is referred to as ‘personality’.  Most importantly ‘identity’ is a cost effective and powerful personality tool that will help organisations to optimise their recruitment, training and development activities. 

‘identity’ has been developed to:

  • Measure 36 specific areas of personality related to the world of work.
  • Provide options to explore a range of Secondary Psychological Models including: Leadership Preferences, Team Profiles, Emotional Focus, Type Preferences, and Learning Orientation.
  • Be one of the most versatile and comprehensive personality tools available for psychometric profiling;
  • Provide the sharpest, most concise and valid measurement of personality preferences;
  • Provide a very broad measure of the individual, yet still only takes about 35 minutes to complete.

One Personality Questionnaire | Five Occupational Reports – These can be created immediately per respondent, providing you with key information for the whole employee life-cycle. (price per respondent not per report)

1. Interview Report

Fully interpreted with quick-Look Summary for interview.

2. Feedback Report

Overview of candidates preferences & how they might relate to aspects within the role.

3. Talent Report

Full comprehensive report includes key competencies: decision making, dealing with pressure, motivation, interpersonal, influencing, leadership & organisation.

4. Career Focus Report

Insight to occupational preferences including details of vocations that may best suit them.

5. Onboarding Report

Integrate individuals successfully to the team by identifying their strengths and development needs.

For more information on Identity and the 5 reports that can be generated per respondent please click [here]
Please Note: The price is per respondent allowing you to generate all five reports from the one questionnaire for that one cost.

We will be providing articles on the next four reports shortly.

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