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Standard for the Design and Delivery of Assessment Centres

BPS Assessment Centre Standard

The British Psychological Society (BPS) Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) has recently published a Standard for the Design and Delivery of Assessment Centres to help improve the quality of Assessment Centres being designed and run by organisations.

Our Assessor Skills course follows the introduction of the new BPS Assessment Centre Standard, developed by Chartered Business Psychologists including Max Choi who is a Co-convener of the BPS AC Standards Working Group who wrote the Standard.

Assessment Centres enable you to observe current behaviours, discuss candidates’ preferences, motivations and strengths, whilst also focusing on their potential for a long-term perspective.

In line with the BPS Assessment Centre Standard ~ from Exercise Design through to Full Delivery Consultancy we will help you put the best people in the right roles, and minimise the risk of a wrong hire. Using proven, objective measures we provide expert support for all stages of assessment. From carrying out Job Analysis, Designing Bespoke Exercises and Training Assessors, to Delivering Assessment Centres and Evaluating their effectiveness we cover all aspects of the Assessment Process.

BPS Assessment Centre Standard
The full Standard is now available courtesy of the DOP from the British Psychological Society for your free copy please click the button below.
Assessor Skills Training CPD Accredited
BPS Assessment Centre Standard provides the framework for our Accredited Assessor Skills Training.