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MBTI Step II Report and Consultation | Director Level (D-1)


£380.00 (Ex. Tax)

MBTI Step II includes a 75 minute professional telephone consultation as well as a report. Step II goes deeper than Step I and unpacks the behaviours underpinning individuals preferences, whereas Step I is focused on understanding preferences.

For each of an individuals four MBTI preferences there are five behavioural facets to provide a richness of understanding leading to powerful insights into one's preferences and behaviours and raises one's awareness of own and others' behaviours. Often individuals will comment on the fact that they sometimes operate at the other end of a MBTI scale, and Step II provides the understanding on what this might mean.

Through achieving this raised awareness and enriched insight into an individuals behaviour they are likely to be more true to themselves and have a greater potential to understand others, and to work more effectively with others.

The MBTI Step II Report is meant to be used to support the development of Directors and Management Executives. To ensure they get the most out of the report the service includes a professional telephone support and coaching session ( up to 75 minutes).


  • Efficient online completion and telephone feedback service
  • Builds on Step I understanding taking it to a higher level of appreciation
  • Helps individuals understand their own preferences and behaviours better
  • Helps to understand others
  • Supports team development
  • Supports relationship building, communications, decision making, managing change, and managing conflict
  • Offers powerful insights to appreciating an individual's behaviours
  • Positive approach to development
  • Supports coaching
Job Level:
Director & Senior Executive

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